Stroke Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can assist people who have had strokes and other Neurological conditions to maximize potential recovery and regain movement abilities.

Every stroke is different and treatment must be customised and meaningful to the individual’s needs and goals.

Where relevant I find that involving family members, other health professionals and support people in the rehabilitation journey enhances the benefit of specialized treatment.

I am extensively experienced in a variety of different techniques to treat my clients, inclusive of Bobath Therapy, always ensuring that individual goals and functional needs are at the center of all treatment.

Being an active member of the Neurology Special Interest Group of the New Zealand Physiotherapy Society, I also provide regular exercise classes for the Stroke Foundation meetings.

To help people who struggle to walk due to impaired neurological control, I offer Odstock Foot stimulation. This treatment is designed to improve walking by stimulating the muscles in the leg that make walking easier. This treatment can only be administered by qualified Odstock Foot Clinicians.